It is our vision to promote unity in the body of Christ worldwide and assist in the creation and development of Sheep Nations


What you will find

On this blog you will find a wide range of subjects and topics addressed. Dan Duval does not limit his articles to the subjects covered in his books but covers a wide range of subjects. Once you have visited the blog you will find that key words and specific subject titles will help you to navigate the writings that you will find. This is very much and end-time ministry and because of all that God is doing in His body from establishing leaders in the five-fold ministry to informing people about transhumanism and the nephilim agenda, BRIDE Ministries seeks to distinguish itself as an all-inclusive organization dedicated to partnering with the Spirit of the Lord. God is bringing many things to the attention of his people in this hour. We are trying to take a holistic approach to declaring God's agenda for this generation. Many of the older blog posts are centered around the subjects of unity and spiritual warfare as these themes were the subject of weekly emails that were produced in their respective years. Another element you will find is that we approach eschatology from a historic pre-millennial perspective. In doing so we reject the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine.