In Christ Series

This is the second phase of the BRIDE Discipleship series. Many Christians are able to identify with what Jesus has done for them, but lack identification with who Jesus is. This series is designed to correct this fundamental paradigm flaw. This study will take participants deep into the discussion of what it means to be placed "In Christ". As this revelation unfolds, it will lead to a revolutionary view of the nature of righteousness, justification, sanctification, protection, and salvation that we have in Christ. It will also prepare the participants for the leap in perception that occurs when we begin to understand the kingdom of God.

Grace Series

This is the first phase of the BRIDE Discipleship series. Grace is largely misunderstood by the church. Many people either fall into the error of hyper-grace or the error of a works based approach to Christianity. In this series you will learn how grace is unmerited favor, the finished work of Jesus Christ, divine influence upon the heart, and God's ability. As you  begin to understand the purpose of grace, you will have a revolution in thought. You will be equipped with an understanding of grace that will lead to effortless change and victory based not on your ability, but the very ability of God. at work in your life!

Discipleship Courses

Below is a description of each course in our 4-part discipleship series. Each phase of discipleship is designed to last 8-weeks. The purpose of the discipleship groups is not only to allow for deep study and personal growth, but also to create community via the internet. Discipleship is conducted via WebEx in a group setting of between 20-30 participants. Groups meet once per week for 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours. This allows for us to foster an online community that crosses international boundaries and time-zones. Since our groups are comprised of people from all walks of life, and a variety of theological backgrounds, it makes for very lively and exciting group discussions. The goal is to allow for growth through dialogue and group discussion. Right now, all groups are personally hosted by Daniel Duval, but as growth takes place discipleship graduates will be hosting groups as well. At present, discipleship groups are $49.95, but there is a waiting list and participants must register to join. Get in touch with us if this is something that interests you! You can register by simply contacting us through the Contact page. The button below will also take you there.

What is Discipleship?

Discipleship through BRIDE Ministries is one of our outreaches. The whole purpose of Discipleship is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. At BRIDE Ministries we are not concerned with teaching creeds or denominational theological positions. Our goal is to equip people to engage God with more confidence, to identify with Jesus Christ, and to maintain a life of victory. We feature four courses respectively named GRACE, IN CHRIST, THE KINGDOM, and SPIRITUAL WARFARE. Each course lasts 8 weeks and meets once per week at a designated time.  While the courses were designed to be taken in the stated order, we allow participants to take the classes in the order that best accommodates their needs and interests. We hope that you prayerfully consider getting involved!



I came away from the Grace class renewed and refreshed in my faith! I think the grace class should definitely be taken first, as I had a lot of wrong views regarding what grace actually was. Personally, I realized that if you have erroneous views on what Grace actually is, it can be hard to get past personal bondage. It can be a huge hindrance to your personal relationship/walk with The Lord. I'm grateful for it and looking forward to the next class! – Pat

Before taking the “Grace” study, I typically skipped over the word “grace” in the Bible without any serious thought to its meaning. Now I realize the enormity of God’s gift of grace to believers through faith in Christ. All believers need to understand grace, and to live in the amazing grace that God has freely granted to believers.

– Paula

The In Christ Discipleship Course has been a sharpening tool.  Bringing into sharper focus the reality of my position in His Kingdom as well as in His Body.  Oneness with Christ Jesus and Father God through the Holy Spirit being knit all together with one another is the heartbeat of the plan Father God has for revealing His love to the world.  This course was a breath of fresh air and extremely helpful in respect to operating within the multi-dimensional reality of Christ Jesus!

– Cindy

Just finished my second of Daniel’s classes, and what I can say is that the Kingdom class was dynamic. The Word of God will open up like a beautiful flower as you learn it's truths. It has blessed me and I highly recommend it. One more thing, you will fellowship with many fine believers too.

– Bob

The "In Christ" course left me with a much deeper realization of my position in Christ, and the inheritance that comes from that position.

– Wendy

The Bible studies helped deepen my walk with Yeshua by taking me back to the basics — living by His grace, and being found in Christ. From there, I was able to more easily understand how the Kingdom of God works, and how to wage more effective spiritual warfare! Excellent series.

– Loren

This really impacted my prayer life. It was the ah-ha moment in understanding and applying His authority in my life while accepting an "assignment based mind frame."

– Kendra

Having completed the Grace and Spiritual Warfare classes, my relationship with Jesus has grown closer and stronger than before. My mind has been renewed to rely on His grace alone for a victorious life.  I now have a better understanding of the spiritual war, strategy and tactics of the enemy, and am more prepared and equipped for victory when engaging the enemy in the spiritual realm.

– Chester

The Discipleship courses have opened up the scriptures and showed me their meanings in my everyday life.  I am better able to share and explain scripture to others. It’s deepened my faith in the Lord and strengthened my relationship with God.

– Karolyn

Since taking the Kingdom course and the Grace course, I have had an amazing amount of belief for the power of Christ within me. I have been exploring this power with answered prayers. I also see myself living in the kingdom currently as never before. I cannot wait to take in Christ and spiritual warfare. God bless you Dan Duval!

– Sherry

Do you have a longing that there is more? Well there is. 1 Peter 2:6b says' He who believes in Him will not be disappointed." If you have been disappointed in your walk, then I invite you to “Come and see through this discipleship that as the disciples saw that the world can be turned upside down." Acts 17: 6

– Leayh

This course has been a great way to further my studies. I was able to fill in the gaps since I have heard just about all of Daniel’s podcasts.  The opportunity to discuss with Daniel in the classroom has been great.  He is the real deal.

– Michael

In God’s perfect timing, He not only endows incredible revelation to those who whole-heartedly seek after His ways, His thoughts, and His truth. He also confirms it by overlaying teachings from one servant to another with lessons intertwined that are undeniably sourced from God alone.  For such a time like this, I believe God is raising up servant leaders like Daniel Duval whose belly of living water has become a source of blessings to those who thirst and hunger after the truth, preparing the Bride of Christ for what’s coming ahead.  Get out of man’s tradition, get connected for real, sign up for discipleship class and be encouraged.

– Suzanne

Daniel Duval’s discipleship courses will take you deeper into Jesus, literally. I have been a Christian since I was 10 years old, and am just now discovering who I am in Christ. This is truly a life changing ministry and study. I know you have heard this many times, but Daniel has tapped into the supernatural like I have never seen before. If you want to break through in your relationship with Christ, this is the course to take. You will never see your life the same here on earth. We have a work to do for Jesus, a kingdom assignment, and Daniel takes you into discovering that assignment. No matter how old you are or where you are in your walk with Christ, this study will empower you to further your kingdom assignment.

– Anonymous

God has led me to Daniel Duval’s ministry because He knew I needed more and wanted more.  I want to pursue Jesus with all of my heart, soul, and spirit.  Till we come into the kingdom together Daniel, may God bless you and your ministry richly.  

– Judy

Daniel's teachings on Grace, living in Christ and the Kingdom of God has shattered my old thinking and opened my mind to an entirely new understanding of the Word of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ.  I have struggled with many concepts in the teachings of Jesus all my life, but now it all makes perfect sense.  Just as "new wine must be poured into new wine skins," I believe God is working through Bride Ministries to reveal the hidden mysteries of His Kingdom for this present time, when the world needs the Light of Jesus Christ most.  I encourage everyone to prayerfully consider making the time and commitment to participate in discipleship, you will be blessed for it.

– Don

Kingdom Series

This is the third phase of the BRIDE Discipleship series. The Kingdom of God is the realm in which God is King. This phase is all about understanding how Christians are designed to walk between realms. This series will go deep into kingdom principles and protocols, and how it is possible to walk in partnership with our heavenly inheritance and the resources of God. As you gain increasing awareness of your heavenly citizenship, you will never look at life the same. This series will go through a number of Kingdom parables and will bring clarity to elements of the faith that can seem somewhat disparate, apart from the conversation of the kingdom.

It is our vision to promote unity in the body of Christ worldwide and assist in the creation and development of Sheep Nations

Spiritual Warfare Series

This is the fourth phase of the BRIDE Discipleship series. Far too few Christians are truly proficient in the arena of spiritual warfare. This course is designed to be a concise explanation of the tools and strategies that empower believers to be powerful warriors in the spirit. This series comes last because the most effective approach to warfare happens from a posture of true relationship with God. Higher principles of spiritual warfare cannot even be taught prior to a revelation of kingdom principles. As the last phase of BRIDE discipleship concludes, you will be effectively equipped to be a major threat to the kingdom of darkness.