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  • Introduction to the Kingdom52:46
  • Portals48:42
  • Kingdom Arrival40:21
  • Kingdom Parables44:16
  • Heavenly Places41:54
  • King of Kings46:29
  • Outer Darkness44:43

Free Sample of

"The Kingdom of God"

Introducing the Kingdom

Where can we begin?

You will find two resources below. As this page gets updated more resources will follow. The first is a document which includes the first couple chapters of a book that will be released in the future called "The Kingdom of God." You will immediately be able to access this by clicking the crown. You will also find a player that will play an audio series that Daniel recorded with Vincent Jericho in 2011. This was the first compilation of kingdom teachings by Daniel and serve as an eye-opening introduction to the subject. You will find seven teachings in the audio player.

On The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is a government

Just what is a kingdom? Unless we are able to define what a kingdom is, we can never define what the kingdom of God is. The truth is that a kingdom is a kingdom, whether it belongs to God, man, or the devil. The definition of the word remains consistent. Simply put, a kingdom is a government. Christianity has been viewed as many things throughout history. As a matter of fact, even today Christianity is not viewed by everyone the same way. Some people see it as a social club. Others see it as a non-profit organization. Some people look at it as an institution to be run like a cult. Still others see it as no more than a spiritual path or one of many religions to be embraced. For many it amounts to little more than one of a plethora of philosophies. Christianity is none of these. It is a government. When Jesus came preaching the gospel of the kingdom, He came preaching the good news of God's government.