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The vision of The BRIDE Ministries Church is to provide an internet based ministry service that offers solid teaching designed to equip your walk with Jesus Christ.  We also aim to provide community through moderated internet based discussion groups throughout the week. Join Daniel Duval as he hosts LIVE, unrecorded services each week at 7 pm CST.

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Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth

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Advanced Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth is not a teaching tool, but a collection of prayer resources. Furthermore, it is a sequel, meaning that this book is an addendum to Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth. This book is divided into three sections in order to help you navigate your way through it. You will find general prayers, ministry prayers, and prayers requiring activation. In the general prayers section, you will find prayers to connect with Jesus, to clear an atmosphere spiritually, and even to deal with spiritual devices and objects, among other things. In the ministry prayers section, you will find our territorial warfare prayer, which is a collection of 23 keys that have a tremendous impact when it comes to superimposing the government of Jesus Christ over a region. You will also find high-powered deliverance prayers capable of securing freedom from constellations, the kabbalah tree, walk-ins, and even the synthetic kingdoms.

In the prayers requiring activation section, you will find prayers that utilize the arche, the star, and the mountain, which are elements of our inheritance in Jesus Christ that many believers have never accessed before. It is advised that the user first complete the higher-level courses found at the BRIDE Ministries Institute ( before deploying these prayers in their ministry. These prayers allow for the destruction of evil spiritual realms, the unraveling of evil timelines, and even the correction of subquantum formulas and equations, among other high-level exploits.

Find a Coach for Inner Healing, Deliverance, or SRA/DID
Bride Ministries works with a number of highly qualified SRA/DID and deliverance coaches who have had success. All coaches operate independent practices but have had extreme vetting through Bride Ministries.