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Bride Ministries Coaches

Bride Ministries affiliates with a number of highly qualified coaches who have had success in deliverance, SRA/DID, and inner healing. All coaches operate independent practices and set their own rates. They have all gone through extreme vetting with Bride Ministries.

If you are want to work with a coach, please review their profiles.  Some of our coaches are available for one-time sessions and others are taking new clients.


How can I get helped?

At BRIDE Ministries we are building solutions for survivors. We have established a network of coaches that work with us as independent contractors. We are very selective in the coaches that we bring on board to ensure they are capable of helping those with complex dissociative issues. BRIDE Ministries applies a portion of our donations to sponsor survivors who are unable to fund their own coaching. Our sponsorship provides for a set number of coaching hours for each of our applicants. If you believe you are dissociated and in financial distress, you can click the link below to apply. Please understand that due to high demand our waiting list is currently over a year. If you are able to fund your own coaching and are interested in working with one of our coaches, please visit our coach profile pages. There you can find out who is taking new clients and who is available for one time sessions.


How can I help?

We are looking to network with coaches that have had success working with individuals that are survivors of Mind Control Agendas. We are not looking for licensed therapists, per say, but we are looking for people that can effectively provide help to survivors. If the words “demons”, “alters”, “programming”, “principalities”, “internal worlds”, “portals” and “other realms” do not resonate with you, you are probably not the kind of coach we are looking to link arms with. If you have a track record of helping people to get set free and are familiar with what it takes to help someone that is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse and mind control agendas, then we’d like to get in touch with you. Your application will require the submission of all required materials and an interview. We are very selective of our coaches for obvious reasons. To apply to work with us as an independent contractor, simply click the link below.