In the process of getting freedom in Christ Jesus, it can at times be necessary to separate from Human spirits/souls. They are different than demons or heavenly beings. However, their anchors and influences can go extremely deep if they have been established through technology or rituals. This prayer is a modified version of the Principality Prayer. There is a part that is in brackets and italicized. This part can be omitted if you want a more gentle separation.


  1. Father in heaven I come before you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and I renounce ___________________ and serve (him/her) a bill of divorce. I pull up the hidden documents detailing every covenant, contract and oath entangling us and command that they be stamped with the blood of Jesus.
  2. In the name of Jesus, I pray that your heavenly hosts would be put on assignment to place every (alter/part in me) that is loyal to ________________ on temporary lock-down. I pray that those parts would be put to sleep.
  3. I now deed ____________________’s territory in me over to the kingdom of God and I invite you, Lord Jesus, to take the throne and begin to rule over this territory with your rod of iron.
  4. In the name of Jesus I now bind all gatekeepers and discover each and every portal access point belonging to _______________________, (his/her) realm and (his/her) inheritance.
  5. I place the blood of Jesus upon every portal access point and I seal them with the Holy Spirit. I declare that they are put to sleep and permanently deactivated from this point in time forward.
  6. I take the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God and I cut myself free from ___________________, (his/her) realm and (his/her) inheritance in Jesus’ name.
  7. I return every form of counterfeit inheritance inclusive of promised wealth, position, status, calling, ability, power, pride, favors, seed, and any other form of counterfeit inheritance in Jesus’ name. I refuse it and sever myself from it and from this point in time forward I choose to receive my inheritance in Jesus Christ. I renounce all spirit children related to _________________ and undo all quantum entanglements involved in their creation. I command their judgment, and the purging of the realms they occupy by judgment through living water. I also reclaim every part of me that has been imprisoned by ______________________ or in realms related to (him/her).
  8. I release forgiveness by faith to _______________ for the evil that (he/she) has done against me. I also discover every part that is a composite of genetic components held together by a cord that binds. I declare that the cords are cut and that each part is separated into its components. I retain my parts and surrender those that do not belong to me. [I appeal to justice according to Galatians 6:7 which declares that as a man sows, so shall he reap. I declare that your word says, “Vengeance is mine says the Lord,” and I turn him/her over to you Lord God.] I command your heavenly hosts to bind every part of _____________ in me and take (him/her) where (he/she) belongs now.
  9. I now take authority over every evil spirit on the inside of me and around me that has been operating under the authority of ___________________. I declare that you are discovered, apprehended, bound, pierced through, and thrust out of me for judgment. I declare that you are being sent to the abyss for failed assignment.
  10. Lastly, I pray that every spiritual object, tattoo, device, label, marker, power source, grid, or branding placed in or around every part of me by _______________ or those under (his/her) authority would be consumed in the holy fire of Jesus Christ and totally dissolved. Amen.



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7 Responses
  1. Kriston Couchey

    How do you do this for people who are too dissociative to realize they are controlled and programmed to not even admit they have a problem

    1. Bride Ministries

      Great question. We do not try to help people who do not realize or think they have a problem. Everyone who is being helped by Bride Ministries has enough awareness of their bondage to recover some memories that signal programming.

  2. Kriston

    I ask for a loved one who is greatly bound and sra, but refused to admit to being did, so we cannot start the process of deliverance…

  3. Rhonda Heath

    Tried to print out prayers. But cannot read because print is too light, cannot read.

    I pray for a copy of the pocket prayer resources you mentioned in you last Podcast.

    You are a great teacher.

  4. robyn

    I have a friend that did this prayer and she had a very negative reaction, almost traumatic. she is not sea, but terribly manipulated by family for decades. any advice?

    1. Bride Movement

      Hi Robyn,
      These prayers are very powerful. She likely hit some deep bondage and confronted a lot of backlash in the attempt to get free. We recommend that she should not do this prayer by herself. She should work with a trusted and trained Christian inner healing and deliverance counselor or coach, who can adequately address all the legalities that anchors in the bondage while reducing backlash.

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