Tanner Searles

I believe God is an immaculate designer, and when He created you, He designed you to be whole in body, mind and spirit. I believe no matter how difficult or challenging life has been, no matter how broken or torn apart your life may be, I believe the God of Wholeness can make you whole again.

~Tanner Searles, MSW, MDiv, Creator of The YADA Method



Tanner takes an integrative approach to healing, viewing her clients as “whole beings” built of body-mind-and spirit. Her healing methodologies address the physiological, mental and spiritual root of traumatic/fear based experiences which store in the body and give rise to present symptoms. She also works from a deep understanding of Attachment/Attunement Theory and Interpersonal-Neurobiology, which are foundational principles for understanding “how” one develops DID, addictions, depression, anxiety, and mood and personality disorders. Tanner believes there IS an “original, whole you” designed by God to operate from power, love, and soundness of mind. The healing process is a journey to renew, restore, and integrate back to the true you.

  • Satanic Ritual Abuse, Government Sponsored Programming, and Illuminati Programming
  • Mind Control, Pre-Conception Trauma, Pre-Birth Trauma, and Dissociative Disorders inclusive of Highly Complex DID
  • Black-Outs, Repressed Memories, Wiped Memories, Missing Time
  • Trance States, Nightmares, Sleep Paralysis, Out of Body Experiences, Abductions
  • Demonization, Soul Ties, Ancestral or Bloodline Bondage, Generational Abuse, Interface with Heavenly Powers
  • Bondage in Regions of Captivity including Alternate Timelines and Evil Realms
  • Paranoia, Mood Swings, Narcissistic Tendencies, Mania, Mood Disorders
  • Self-Sabotage, Suicidal Thoughts, Suicidal Tendencies, Self-Harm
  • Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse, Spiritual Abuse, Sexual Abuse
  • Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, PTSD
  • Codependency, Self-Esteem Issues, Difficulty in Relationships
  • Gender and Sexual Identity Issues
  • Grief, Broken Heartedness
  • Mentoring, General Life Coaching

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Tanner holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California, and a Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary. She has been trained in a variety of body-mind and healing prayer modalities that effectively heal trauma at the physiological and spiritual root. Tanner trained in Prophetic Prayer at the Pasadena International House of Prayer, and spends time on their volunteer prayer team when possible. She has been operating in the Courts of Heaven at the highest levels since 2014. Her current studies include a Certification program in Herbal Consulting to provide additional support for the physiological processes of healing.


Tanner is the Creator of The YADA Method, a body-based technique that works with the innate, God-given ability of the body to heal itself. The technique provides highly integrated, accelerated healing by addressing every level of the human being in each session. It draws from research in Quantum Theory, Energy Based Healing, Attachment Theory, Human Development (including pre-natal, infant and child development), Epigenetics, Interpersonal-Neurobiology, Traumatology, Cellular Biology, Applied Kinesiology, Chinese meridians, and a Biblical perspective of the Creation and Cosmos, and what it means to be human. With her technique, Tanner has seen the natural resolution of many symptoms connected to: dissociation, DID, PTSD, Schyzophrenia, Bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, Parkinson’s, autism, Gout, and severe PMS, just to name a few. People also frequently report having clearer vision, and an ability to connect to God in a deeper way both relationally and when reading His word. Tanner is passionately leading the way to provide effective, natural healing at an accelerated pace. Many people struggle for years without resolution to their issues, spending valuable resources of time, energy and finances. Tanner often hears clients report “it worked for a time, and then it came back. I’ve done everything I know to do.” Tanner’s goal is to be a catalyst of hope that “there IS a place to turn,” and that successful resolution of life challenges can take place. She operates to fulfill the vision of Isaiah 58:12, “to rebuild the ancient ruins, raise up the foundations of many generations, repair the breach, and restore the streets in which to dwell.” Prior to her work on The YADA Method, Tanner served as a gang-prevention counselor with youth at-risk in Southern California, effectively reducing aggression and violence on high school campuses and ensuring long term life success of her students. She also served as the first ever Leadership Fellow for Nuru International’s Kenyan team. She co-lead the design and development of their leadership training program, which is now facilitating the rise of 80,000+ people out of extreme poverty on their own and scaling to multiple nations in sensitive areas around the world.


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