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Mondays @ 7:00 pm CST via Zoom   |  8 weeks beginning May 13th

Grace is largely misunderstood by the church. Some people fall into the error of hyper-grace. Others drift into the error of legalism and a works-based approach to Christianity. Both are incorrect. In this series you will learn how grace is unmerited favor, the finished work of Jesus Christ, divine influence upon the heart, and God’s ability. As you begin to understand the purpose of grace, you will have a revolution in thought. You will be equipped with an understanding of grace that will lead to effortless change and victory based not on your ability, but the very ability of God at work in your life!

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Hi! My name is Kendra, and I’ve been walking with Jesus for about 30 years. I’m married to my precious
“loverface,” James, and together, we steward our beautiful blended family. We have 5 children total: 3 girls and 2 boys.
Although my secular education is not near as awesome as my heavenly education, I hold an Associate’s degree in Psychology,
a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and a Master of Arts in Counseling. I have a deep passion to see people come into
an intimate relationship with Yeshua and experience his healing and provisions. I am called to pray over land and people, and I love
talking to and working with plants and dirt. I became a part of the Bride Tribe community in 2015 and have applied “Kingdom based living”
principles since then. I absolutely love the Word and continue looking toward the mark and prize as we become the activated sons and daughters
of the Most High all Creation awaits to be revealed! Join us in the Kingdom journey! Its time to take back our inheritance, brothers and sisters.


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“A much deeper understanding of GRACE was grasped by me and it was LIFE giving and changing. Several times I was totally flooded with the understanding and revelation of how much God loves me and others on a way deeper scale and it rocked my world. It was an excellent idea to have a class with Daniel Duval’s teaching, a person leading the discussions on what was taught, a chat access, people in attendance able to share their insights (cross talk), and prayer at class start and end. It was a wonderful class. I enjoyed it all. I had to get ZOOM going properly and learn to navigate around with all the ICONS by touch screen yet still heard materials and speaker, and other class members. I got it all down now, yahoo! A shout out to Kendra who led us so super fantastic and her amazingly brave, young little son who was always ready to pray and full of smiles. Thank you Daniel and Christian Duval for this amazing opportunity. Love and hugs to all! ” – Priscilla D.


“The students in the class went deeper and deeper speaking from the heart with what they said in the discussion. It was a powerful experience of community, love and trust. ” – Nancy I.


“This class was so simple yet so profound! Kendra was such a welcoming, inclusive and knowledgable leader for this class; I can’t speak highly enough of her or my classmates who weekly shared their insights and wisdom. I experienced many takeaways, but perhaps the most notable was using Daniel’s prayer about receiving God’s grace to overcome sin to overcome offence and break off some strongholds and mindsets regarding relationships in my own life. It was amazing how this simple prayer consistently applied over the course of a couple of weeks became the easy yoke and light burden that Jesus spoke of. Actively purposing to receive His Grace (His divine influence upon my heart and His ability) instead of my former cycle of trying to operate in a forced self-control and a “white-knuckle Christianity,” has been a real game-changer for me and I pray the Holy Spirit continues to remind me to apply the great truths learned in this class!” – Coleen S.


“After trying to quit smoking in my own strength for three yrs. I was able to in just six days by applying the principles concerning grace I learned in this class.” – Gene G.


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