FREE TFPC | The Realm of Jesus Christ | Led by Paul and Shannon


Thursdays @ 7:00 pm CST via Zoom   |  8 weeks beginning May 16th

Many Christians are able to identify with what Jesus has done for them, but lack identification with who Jesus is. This series is designed to correct this fundamental paradigm flaw. This study will take participants deep into the discussion of what it means to be placed “In Christ”. As this revelation unfolds, it will lead to a revolutionary view of the nature of righteousness, justification, sanctification, protection, and salvation that we have in Christ. It will also prepare the participants for the leap in perception that occurs when we begin to understand the kingdom of God.

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“This class helped me understand what it means to be In Christ. My body( flesh suit) is a Tardis which contains realms. Paul and Shannon are great moderators. They made the class feel like a safe place to share. ” – Carolyn M.


“I enjoyed this class. The moderators were very open and willing to share their life experiences and always gave the class opportunities to respond. They always were attentive to each student and responded promptly. I would recommend this class .” – Elizabeth V.


“This Class material expands our concept of Jesus/Yeshua Messiah greatly. The facilitators of this class, Shannon & Paul, were excellent. The brief overview of each upcoming class & relevant scriptures to review was most helpful. They were able to help the class participants to feel comfortable enough to share thoughts and questions. A sense of micro-community was beginning to form. I would have benefited from being able to listen to Dan’s video a second time after the class. For me, the main takeaways are Realm of Yeshua (and our own realm) as Love and Government. Thanks Bridemovement for offering this audit class at no cost.” – Victoria G.



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