Sheep Nations and the End of the Age Online Conference Part 1-Not Available

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This is the highly anticipated conference that will break down the End Times from a biblical perspective and the concept of Sheep Nations. The study of the last days is deep, complicated, and riddled with mystery. In his book Kingdom Government and the Promise of Sheep Nations, Dan Duval performed a deep and extensive investigation into this highly complex subject, arriving at many revolutionary insights on the end times. Daniel has not publicly taught on most of his thoughts regarding eschatology.  This conference is designed to walk you through his insights in the context of group discussion. Due to the extensive quantity of material, it will take two conferences to deliver it all! This product will include the entire conference manual, which has been updated to include links to the entire recorded conference. Your purchase will allow you to work through the conference at your own pace. Enjoy!

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Friday July 7
Session #1                                7 pm CST

Saturday July 8
Session #2                               10 am CST
Session #3                               1 pm CST
Session #4                               4 pm CST
Session #5                               7 pm CST

Sunday July 9
Session #6                               10 am CST
The Fire Place Church           7 pm CST

How Webinar Conferences work at Bride Ministries

All webinar conferences are conducted via Webex online.  It will allow you to join the class via phone, your computer or other electronic device. Students from around the world can enroll and join classes taught by Daniel Duval or Bride Ministries leaders. Conferences are extremely interactive and allow for relationships to be fostered, for community to develop and for spiritual growth to occur. Participation is expected. We want to encourage group discussions (as much as possible) where participants have the opportunity share.

Basics on using Webex

This Webinar Conference will be held on the WebEx platform. All of the sessions will be recorded, and you will receive a link to the recording after each session. If you want to access the recordings, you must create a WebEx account. You do not need to create a WebEx account to participate in conference. You may enter as a visitor. If you do choose to create a WebEx account to access the recorded sessions, you only need to create a free account. You do not need a paid WebEx account to participate in the conference or to access the conference recordings.

A few minutes prior to each new session you will receive an invitation in your email to join WebEx for a meeting. There will be a green button to click. When you click this button a new window will open up, and this will be where you log into the session. Again, you do not need an account to join. To login, all you need to do is type in your name and your email address. You will then immediately be taken into the session. You will have the option to have your camera on or off.

Joining Webex Using a Computer

For computer users, you may communicate in two ways:

  1. You may choose to use a microphone attached to your computer to verbally communicate.
  2. You may choose to use your telephone to call in to verbally communicate. If you choose to use your telephone, you will see a phone number included in the invitation you received in your email. Under that call-in number, you will see a code. You will need to enter this code into your telephone to audibly join the class session. You will also be asked for a “class or session number”, just ignore this. It will have no bearing on entering the class.

In terms of browsers, Microsoft Edge is VERY buggy

We have contacted WebEx about this and were informed Microsoft Edge still needs some updates to work well with this platform. We do not recommend using Microsoft Edge. All other browsers typically work fine.

Joining Webex Using a Tablet or Smart Phone

If you are choosing to participate in the conference via a tablet or smart phone,  you will need to download the WebEx app in order to see the other students and be seen. People who choose to go this route either love it or find it impossible. We will not be able to help you troubleshoot if this is the way you choose to participate, as you will be using an app and not the WebEx website. If you use a tablet or smart phone you can use the built-in camera and mic, or you can use a headset. To participate you will still receive your invitation via email, but when you click to join the session it should open the WebEx app.  If you are happy just having audio only, then you can forego the WebEx app and just use the call-in number included in the email invitation. This route, however, will not allow you to interact as personally with your fellow students, and it will also not allow you to view any of the screen shots put up.

We strongly suggest printing this manual, if possible, as it will make it easier to read during class. It is also designed to take notes on. Please be aware that you may be called upon to read, so you will want your manual handy. We will also post it on the screen during class for convenience. In the WebEx window, the font size can be increased by pressing the +magnification button. If you are not able to print the syllabus, you can save it to your computer or electronic device to reference during the conference, or read it in the WebEx window where it will be posted.

3 reviews for Sheep Nations and the End of the Age Online Conference Part 1-Not Available

  1. verified owner()

    WHAT A BLESSING!!! The things that were addressed and revealed to me in this study truly gave me a new understanding of Gods Word and have inspired me tremendously. Thank you so much.

    Rated 5 out of 5
  2. verified owner()

    This was another wonderful conference, the 2nd one I am privileged to be part of. Daniel does everything with Excellence and his wisdom is off the charts. This was a group of loving believers, who want to know Jesus more,
    who want Truth. This is the place to get both. Such a blessing. I can’t wait for part 2 of this conference in August. Great blessings, Daniel, and thank you so much.

    Rated 5 out of 5
  3. As usual Daniel never disappoints in his teachings. It was awesome and so many were blessed by this conference. We were all challenged to open up the Word of God and search it out! Thanks Daniel! You rock!!!

    Rated 5 out of 5
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