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Prayer Resources

Prayer is the foundation of BRIDE Ministries International, because we have seen the power of prayer to change lives and reveal the Kingdom of God in the Earth.  As such, we offer an extensive collection of written prayers which cover a wide range of issues we face on a daily basis.  Because of the work we have pioneered in the area of inner healing/deliverance through the finished work of Jesus Christ, we have compiled several deliverance prayers that can be used for personal deliverance or in a deliverance ministry session.  These prayers are powerful, effective, and widely shared around the world.  We invite you to explore our prayers during your personal prayer time with the Lord.

Inner Healing/Deliverance/SRA/DID

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BRIDE Ministries International affiliates with a number of highly qualified coaches who have had success in deliverance, SRA/DID, and inner healing. We are also working to expand our platform to include coaches for various aspects of life including health coaches, fitness coaches, business coaches, and prophetic coaches. All coaches operate independent practices and set their own rates. Please spend some time reviewing our coach profiles, as not all of our coaches offer the same services. All of our coaches have gone through extreme vetting with BRIDE Ministries International.

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Learn About SRA/DID

Dissociation is the separation of normally related mental processes, resulting in one group functioning independently from the rest, leading in extreme cases to disorders such as dissociative identity disorder. Dissociative Identity Disorder is defined as a disturbance in the normal integrative function of memory, identity, and self, and it is the only mental disorder with two or more distinct personality states. (Chu, 2011). Dissociation is a God-given coping mechanism that all humans use to one degree or another in order to navigate discomfort and trauma. While dissociation can help us to survive trauma, it typically leads to fragmentation in cases of moderate to severe trauma. 

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Inner Healing Resources

We believe inner healing and deliverance can be an important part of living an empowered life through Jesus Christ.  There are several outstanding ministries who have resources that can be effective to set you free from the bondages of your past.  When you do not have the time or means for deliverance ministry, there are several self-ministry tools that you can use to guide you to a deeper walk with Jesus.  We believe healing and freedom is a right of every believer. 

Clarifying terms to illuminate bondage

Dissociative Identity Disorder Dictionary

There are many terms floating around today around the subject of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Dissociative Identity Disorder (SRA/DID).  We, at Bride Ministries, have found that people are often confused about what any of this means.  Secular definitions about some of these terms are sparse, incomplete or non-existent.  We would like to thank Dr. Preston Bailey for providing us with a thorough list of terms that he has developed over 30+ years of SRA/DID coaching.