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Many people struggle with being pursued and attacked by demons, humans out of body both living and dead, and other entities that are difficult to classify. In some cases, entire teams of human agents are at work against an individual’s life. This is especially true when a person comes from a situation where they choose Jesus as opposed to an evil mandate or office they were appointed to by the powers of darkness and/or within their bloodline. Gang stalking in the spirit can be executed by ancestors, both living and dead, and by other cult members, in addition to demons and other entities (such as spirit children, clones, hybrid spirits, synthetic spirits, and composite entities). This prayer will provide you with the language to execute a heavenly court case to shut down the activity.

Father in heaven, I come before you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and I declare that your word says to come boldly before your throne of grace to find mercy and grace to help in time of need. Lord, I have been pursued by my enemies which lay claim to my life, and I am seeking a judgment in my favor that will empower me to walk out my mandates in Christ Jesus.
I call for a court to be set and I petition Jesus Christ to provide the angels of the Lord with the coordinates of my enemies which are pursuing me to destroy me, to cause me to turn from your truth, to control me, distract me, or to detour me. I pray that the angels of the Lord would use the net of the Lord, and any other technologies necessary, to capture those that pursue me, for I call them indicted and I summon them into the court of heaven now in the name of Jesus Christ. (Wait to perceive those that are brought into the court before proceeding.)

I ask that all hidden documents, covenants, contracts, agreements, certificates, oaths, and vows that have been signed by me or any part of me including what I will henceforth identify as “the group”: clones, holograms, merfolk, twins, copies, duplicates, replicas, derivatives, walk-ins, parents, spouse(s), or ancestors assigning legal rights to those that persecute me, be produced for the court now. I call for them to be weighed in the scales of justice. I invalidate every binding document that has been fraudulently created or established against me based on agreements obtained by me or any part of me or “the group” under duress. I furthermore invalidate every binding document implicating me or any part of me or “the group” executed by lying spirits that did not fulfill their end of the bargain. I repent for and renounce the creation of all other documents that are left on behalf of me, my parts, and “the group”. I now call for the blood of Jesus to stamp every document that has been presented before the court empowering those that pursue and persecute me. I call for them to be nailed to the cross of Jesus Christ and to be burned in his consuming fire.

I call for all of the following elements that have been used as access points to my life in both the natural and the spirit to be presented before the court and subsequently burned with the fire of God: hair, fingernails, blood samples, saliva, other sources of DNA, cursed objects, fecal matter, urine, evil sacred trees, ritual altars, covenantal rings, heirlooms, tracking devices, tridents, consent forms, and technologies. I agree to specifically address anything else that you require of me, Holy Spirit, that would otherwise keep me bound to my persecution. Bring to the front of my mind any specific agreements or sins I need to lay down now. (Speak and verbally lay down any specific issues the Holy Spirit brings to your attention, even if you don’t fully understand. Confess, repent for, and renounce everything the Holy Spirit brings up. If God reveals parts or alters doing ungodly things, claim them as your humanity, forgive them, repent for their sins, speak over them remission of sins, renounce their works, call them fired from their job, and call for the angels of the Lord to escort these parts before Jesus Christ for his redemption and ministry.)

To those that have been summoned into the court, I declare that my season of persecution at your hands is now over. It is written that as a man sows, so shall he reap. It is written that whoever destroys this temple, the Lord will destroy.

In keeping with protocol, I separate human and partially-human agents from non-human agents within the court. To the human and partially-human agents, I offer up the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Creator. He is the firstborn among many brethren. He was born of a virgin, he died for our sins, and was raised again to life on the third day. He has ascended on high where he is seated at the right hand of the Father and ever lives to make intercession for the saints. He is the payment for our sins, and should you choose him, you will be justified freely by grace through the redemption that is found in him. His suffering will atone for your sins. If you do not choose him, you will receive in your own members the judgement for your sins and impropriety. Choose now. I pray Lord God, that as they make their decisions, your stream of living water flows through the courtroom to separate out humanity from those that exist as composite entities. I pray that your sword would sever devices, demons, blinders, artificial intelligence, programs, holographic technologies, quantum interfaces, and other defilements that would otherwise inhibit a decision for Jesus to be made by those present in the court, thus revealing the true conviction of their humanity and not the instruments of their bondage. Lord I appeal to you to judge and judge justly, and to have your angels escort those that have not chosen Jesus and all non-human agents to the place determined for them, such that they cannot any longer take or receive assignments against me to destroy my life and deviate me from my heavenly mandates. I furthermore establish an automation on my freedom such that every reset is overcome in accordance with this judgment.

In this, I declare complete freedom and autonomy for my body (respiratory system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, renal system, endocrine system, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, exocrine system, glymphatic system, lymphatic system, immune system, and sexual system) soul, spirit, heart, decisions, worship, destiny, offices, business, and relationships. I praise you now for freedom, newness of life, and empowerment from you, Holy Spirit. I thank you for setting me free and I pray that barricades would now be set up preventing all attempts at retaliatory efforts. In doing so I activate your Word on behalf of my life and the lives of my loved ones. I declare, Lord God, that you are my shield, buckler, rear guard, strong tower, and fortress. I put my trust and faith in you, Lord Jesus. I seal this prayer to a realm of timelessness and anchor it to every realm, age, timeline, dimension, planet, cosmos and universe, past, present, and future, to infinity, and from the beginning, across eternity. Amen.

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29 Responses
  1. Andrew Mendoza

    Dan have you Came across a entity named valac? I have been ministering to a good friend of mine and his marriage is being torn apart and this entity has been evident and his wife’s life. We identified it through fasting and praying and this entity has been coming in my dreams, and paralyzing me when I’m trying to fight him what do I do and who is he I am not familiar with all these things I need help and I need training.

    1. Danny Irrizarry

      Hi Andrew, my name’s also Danny, but not the “Daniel” who wrote this prayer above.
      I just wanted to let you know, that spirit you said was revealed to you may be a spiritual spouse,(husband or wife), and it is attached to one of your friends, and has access to their own marriage. Spiritual spouses are assigned to destory earthly marriages and familie’s. I believe God showed you the name so you could pray with your friends about divorcing this spirit in prayer and breaking all ties. You have authority in Christ to bind whatever comes to you, even in your dreams, your being attacked because you have authority in christ and it’s backlash to stop you from helping your friends find freedom. You can look up as well how to divorce spiritual spouses that may have come in by anything done to a person before, or after they were born, or by just watching porn. Blessings.

  2. Donna perry

    Thank you ever so much Daniel. This is so Yeshua. This is help intime of beed definitely. No matter what I do I feel at times that predator spirit. It broke into my house two weeks ago and stole jewelry. The Lord protected and even hid our valuables. Exposed a vulnerability. This prayer helps. The Lord Yeshua bless you and keep you. Donna Perry

  3. yvonne rinehart

    Bless you. This podcast and prayer OUTLINES my life and famil’s life for the last 18 mos. We may necer know why but I believe with my whole heart that we are being hang stalked. I never knew those words or verbage but i knew that was what was happening to us. Oh i would love to tell mu story to you. I believe God unsettled my
    Spirit that i asked him to lead me to where he’d have me study in his word and he brought me to this today. This is amazing. I use your feee prayer resources and have teied to learn the truths of spiritual warfare and have used the “human persecutor’s” prayer but it didn’t understand all the language of the prayer. Then today this is a door of insight i am praising God for. We were ledt with no choice but to relocate bc of needs for a job bit now i see why we were really relocated. Oh my goodness. It resulted in foreclosures on our home and millions of dollars in lossless and debt to others and irs and have been homeless and are at the mercy of our families. We are in God’s hands praise God and know him so much greater. He is amazing and he loves us but what a nightmare and it is far from over.

  4. Kelly

    Thank you so much for the prayer. I will repeat it daily. Me and my husband have been victims of gangstalking for almost 2 years now. I can’t even express my gratitude for your awesome pray. Thank you and God Bless everyone in agreement with this situation.

  5. Sherry

    I have been a TI of gangstalkers for 2 years now. This is craziest situation I could ever imagine myself ending up in. I recently verified that the sheriff of the county and the town police are involved and these are people we should be able to trust. OMG!! They are worse than the grunts doing the actual stalking. I would say God has a special place for them when the comes. I am glad it isn’t me. I read this prayer aloud every day and feel better after I am done. Like the previous comment states – God Bless everyone who is having this problem.

  6. Heather guhl

    Thank you for this! Hubby and I are constantly stalked and tormented by various evil spurces both human and spirit world! I pray to God to free us !🙏

  7. Val

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. After listening to your beautiful prayer I started typing then I began to type other words that I did not intend on typing. The Holy Spirit just gave me revelation right now.
    There needs to be an auditory version of this prayer for those who are struggling and are weak in their spirit. I’d be happy to do it. I am not a preacher I just very much love Jesus.

    1. Shalom Val, all praise to The Most High; this site is so beautiful & is powerful.

      I totally agree, and hope he records it himself, or allows it to be done by you or someone else. Also, consider your posting any prayers TMH gives to you onto Instagram, Facebook, Parascope, Twitter, and Youtube. The Kingdom of TMH needs as many prayer sources as possible; time is winding up very quickly, HalleluYah Yael.

  8. Karen

    This is an amazing prayer and has provided my husband and I peace. We too are being gang stalked, and my husband was right. I thought it was the government, but my husband said it was spiritual warfare. And he is right. Thank you again for this beautiful prayer. May God Bless all.

  9. Winifred Perry

    Thank you for this Daniel , and ministry for this Prayer. It has caused us to understand what has been happening to our Family members in the Ministry with us and our Congregation.

  10. Donna

    We need to pray in the Spirit until the Holy Spirit gives us the answer about this problem. Then we pray for the interpretation of our prayers. We have to be determined and relentless to get this evil completely out of our lives for good.We have an unction from the Holy One and we know all things. Make sure there is no unforgiveness, doubt, and fear.

    1. liz

      Jonte, I will try. You also must believe it is/they are gone yet understand that as our christ body etheric is in constant contact with this type of thing everyday, one must take a “spiritual shower” everyday. When I am very busy with things and rushed, I simply say, “God makes a way where there is no way and Jesus always protects me under Grace”. The under Grace part is important “to me” because that is how I explain the inexplicable and allow Angels to come in and assist. And they do! Demons are real but it is not a one time thing. One must take a shower to stay clean physically. Spiritual showers are important also. As I pray on this things I have also asked for any negative spirits, etc. to simply be neutralized as then, it might be possible, “they” do not hurt others. It is a process and sometimes I forget every morning to say that one sentence…and every day I forget, something comes. The Universe is big but one can always be the beautiful daisy in the sunshine no matter what is around. My best to you.

  11. bjessicaj

    Shalom, yes this is key to gaining spiritual freedom from generational bondage. Please know too that Jesus also descended into hell setting captives free and openly walking on Satan making a spectacle of him! God is in all and over all! I have been picked out to be attacked by a Jezebel and all her vicious henchman who are so evil that they have aligned themselves with demons and use them to get power! I thought I would forever be subjugated to them until Christ’s return! Thank you Dan because you answered the call((like a lawyer for Jesus) and given insight so these evil tragedys don’t have the right to continue! I have a son who has been locked in this mind game long enough. Now it’s time for setting the captives free and the guilty to judgement. Or repentance. My grandparents were master masons so I came under their curse as a baby. Christ became my Lord and savior at age 10 but all the curses came down on me and my sister. Thank God I can finally understand what, where and why and get my freedom completely!

  12. MSW

    How do you know the following has occurred to move on to the rest of the prayer?

    ***(Wait to perceive those that are brought into the court before proceeding.)

    1. Ellen G.

      For me I paused and ask Holy Spirit who as he brought back various names of several types of entities already listed in the prayer, and some people and some specific people. I saw them by faith, not clearly but I could see a group of them. I don’t think you have to “see” anything.

    2. Ellen G.

      this prayer has set me free in so many ways. My head space feels so much quieter. I didn’t realize but I had to repent for something I was holding against my husband. This is so beautiful. Thank you!

  13. elle

    Do y’all have a shorter version avail…?

    i am very grateful for the time and energy you put into this beautiful prayer, but not all of us have -AB and -O blood types to place us in a pre-disposition to be more sensitive to entities in “the veil”.

    also, maybe throw in Archangel Michael in it since he has his sword and its an effective tool.

  14. Carole Arenas

    Thank you ! Excellent Prayer!!!

    I read and spoke this prayer in it’s entirety. Areas where I felt I might have read too quickly or where I felt a blocking, I paused and reread until clear. Read with intentional focus until completed.

    I feel like a weight has lifted from my chest and can breathe.

  15. hello guys I too am haunted by stalking organized I thought it was something that concerned the state I have to a type of dictatorship but reading the comments I have to say that it is a spiritual battle I love Jesuit very much and maybe I am persecuted for my love for him

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