There are millions of people around the world that suffer from ringing in the ears. It has a number of sources that can vary from one person to the next. Thus, it also does not get resolved in the same way for every person. What you will find here are a series of clauses that address different aspects of the ear ringing affliction. These clauses have been derived from the different reasons why we have found peoples’ ears to be ringing. Only go through as many clauses as it takes for your ear ringing to stop. I expect that by the end of this prayer you will experience some, if not total relief.

Witchcraft Clause

Father in Heaven I identify my ear ringing and bring this affliction before you. I choose to lean on the finished work of Jesus Christ as my deliverance. I bind and neutralize all hexes, curses, incantations, spells, vexes, smotes, enchantments and jinxes and send them back on the heads of the senders, and those they work for and answer to, a hundredfold by the blood of Jesus. 


Offering Clause

I offer up my ears, inner ears, brain, gall-bladder, kidneys, and all related components of my neural networks as a free-will offering in Christ. I repent for all intentional and unintentional ungodly applications of these components of my body. I receive cleansing for them by the blood of Jesus and your living water. I pray that these parts of my body would receive the outpouring of your heavenly oil of anointing. I bless them in the name of Jesus and call them sanctified. I declare that the attack against my ears will not prevail against the voice of the Most High God, and that I have ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. In this I break all curses upon the hearing and reading of the Word of God that are operational against me with the blood of Jesus.


Tinnitus Clause

I declare that you are my healer King Jesus. By your stripes I was healed, and I declare that the Sun of Righteousness rises in my heart with healing in His wings. I bring my cochlea, inner ear, ear bones, ear drum, kidneys, and gall bladder before you. I receive the healing balm of Gilead upon the physical components of my body that are out of alignment with your kingdom and glory. I speak restoration, healing, and miraculous recovery to my body in accordance with my promises found in Christ Jesus. I receive you as Jehovah-Rapha, and I renounce tinnitus and all of its symptoms in Jesus’ name.


Parts Clause

I now identify all parts in me that come from my humanity or the humanity of anyone else that has been programmed to act as or to be part of constructs acting as circuits, receptors, receivers, or antenna arrays associated with the ringing in my ears. I call them all fired from their posts now in the name of Jesus and renounce every document, covenant, contract, agreement, certificate, oath or vow entitling them to be held in place. I declare that these parts are collected by your heavenly hosts and escorted to third heavenly places for processing. I call for their healing and deliverance in the name of Jesus. I speak that their testimonies of injustice are collected and presented before the courts of heaven. I pray for your righteous judgment, and that your justice would transact liberty in my life, and the lives of those whose parts are represented.


CERN Clause

I renounce my tethering to, overlaying and interfacing with, and all existence as CERN. I also renounce all interface points with my genetics, cells of every type, DNA strands, bone marrow, meridian lines, energy signatures, acupuncture points, anchors, and markers. I address all the powers of darkness associated with CERN, including all related oversouls and quantum technologies, and serve them a bill of divorce. I pull up the hidden documents detailing every covenant, contract, agreement, certificate, oath, and vow entangling me and include all related books of wisdom, books of knowledge, books of philosophy, books of time travel, Freemasonic books, programming books, computational books, and all other evil sacred books and command that they be stamped with the blood of Jesus. I call for them to be nailed to the cross of Jesus Christ and burned with holy consuming fire. I now call for the judgment of, and disconnection from, all related Madras Towers, evil laboratories, military bases, radar facilities, cell towers, antenna arrays, satellites, grids, transmitters, circuitry, nanotech, backdoors, front doors, quantum computers, holographic computers, physical, electrical, energetic, or spiritual implants, implicated space-filling curves, and all other technology and unnamed evil facilities involved, in Jesus’ name. I break all links established by the technology that powers up the ear ringing affliction through interface with other targeted individuals. I furthermore break all links established by the technology that powers up the ear ringing affliction through interface with any broken, traumatized, programmed, or captive parts of my humanity.


Internal Labs Clause

I identify all internal labs, computer rooms, and other evil facilities related to the ringing in my ears. I identify every related backdoor, backup program, power source and backup power source, bomb, tripwire, and booby trap, past, present, and future to infinity. I cause them to be consumed in the holy fire of Jesus Christ and totally dissolved. I identify every gate, frequency, barrier, equation, cloaking device, forcefield, sacred geometry, DNA matrix, formula, or defensive protocol that would otherwise guard and protect these evil facilities. I ask you, King Jesus, to unlock, set aside, and completely dismiss with these, right now.

I engage with your word which says that you came to open the prison to those who are bound. It is written that he whom the Lord has set free is free indeed. It is written that you will break in pieces the gates of brass and cut in sunder the bars of iron. I pray that you would overshadow these evil facilities, Lord Jesus, as you place me under the shadow of your wings. I release the armies of the Lord, warhorses, and chariots of fire. I pray that every related prison, laboratory, and evil facility would be expunged of all human parts, spirit, soul, and body and that these parts would be exported through a wormhole to third heavenly places for processing. I call for the indictment all evil ruling entities overseeing these labs, computer rooms, and evil facilities and call for the heavenly cosmic records detailing their acts of injustice to be presented before the courts of heaven. I pray that these entities would be forced to give an account for wrongs committed and suffer the judgement determined by their actions.

I deed the territory of these facilities over to you, Jesus Christ, and I pray that you would rule over it with your rod of iron. I pray that your angels would destroy these evil facilities, and completely remove them from out of me. I call this worked sealed in every realm, timeline, dimension, and reality, and in this, consummate destruction upon all related backup programs.


Targeted Individual Clause

I now pray that my brainwave signature would be blocked from all access by their technologies and changed by your frequencies King Jesus. I pray that there would be a disconnection of my brain and ears that is sealed off by the blood of Jesus. I pray for the establishment of a frequency alternating electro-magnetic sphere round about me that creates a barrier so that I cannot be found by technology or other targeted individuals searching for my signature. I pray that I would be encased in heavenly gold acting as a faraday cage blocking all other wave-based and frequency-based attacks in the name of Jesus. I also identify all electronic devices throughout my brain and renounce them. I speak that every gate, frequency, barrier, equation, cloaking device, forcefield, sacred geometry, DNA Matrix, formula, or defensive protocol that would protect these devices are now removed. I call for the immediate removal of the devices identified in the name of Jesus. I call for the complete disassembly and removal of all control panels connected to these devices. I seal this work in every realm, age, timeline, dimension, frequency, vibration, planet, cosmos, constellation, and universe, past, present, and future, to infinity and from the beginning across eternity.


Bio Frequency Clause

I speak regarding any and all programming of the frequencies of my brain, heart, and gut. I pray for the discovery of all parts of my person that have endured such programming, including all parts of my brain, heart and gut, and call for them to be delivered to the feet of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah for complete healing. I engage the armies of heaven, in whatever numbers necessary, in order to ensure the full execution of this prayer. I renounce all evil frequency programming of my brain, heart and gut. I pray that the timeline of my brain would be pulled up and that all events of evil frequency programming would be identified, isolated, and purged with the blood of Jesus. I pray that they would be replaced with Godly events and that the timeline of my brain would be reoriented in accordance with what is written in the books of the Most High God about me. I speak that my brain now receives reprogramming according to heavenly frequencies by Jesus Christ.


Government programs Clause

I acknowledge my participation knowingly or unknowingly in government programs and renounce my involvement in all government programs related to the ringing in my ears on behalf of me and all of my parts. I call for the sword of the Lord to come down and to completely sever me from these programs and all of their backups to infinity in Jesus’ name.


Cancellation Clause

I call all ear ringing, and related false verdicts coming from any courts of hell, cancelled right now in Jesus name. Amen.

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15 Responses
  1. Vio

    Hei Daniel,
    Thank you so much for this prayer, I’ve been praying for the ringing in my ears to stop for the last 2 or maybe 3 months but it comes back
    When I got to the CERN part i got a creepy feeling….. I live in Europe btw.

  2. Dr. Nicole Elaine Avery

    I promise you! I was getting ready to try and coin my own prayer for this! Thank you producing such a deeply thought out petition. It is greatly appreciated!

  3. Ruth V Zeller

    Thank you Daniel for this prayer. Yesterday I was thinking about ear ringing that was released through witchcraft assult.

  4. Rain

    Thank you. The ringing has diminished and I fully expect it to be gone entirely. I suspect that this ear ringing is connected to the high pitch noise that came with the aliens (actually demons) that would come and terrify us as children. Some family members were floated out to UFO’s and as adults still mention it as a shared experience. I thought I was the only one but so many other people mention it so I know I am definitely not alone. Also please mention the implants or tracking devices inserted in us and caused us to be programmed to resist the Holy Spirit. I really think this is the agenda of those ‘aliens’ that are actually inter-dimensional demonic entities, ie fallen angels. My own son, ex-husband and brother were out hunting around 8 pm at a dense forest, saw a brilliant blinding light above them descending towards them and suddenly they were driving down the highway in the morning with 12 hours unaccounted for and no recollection of that missing time. Now my son Cory is obsessed with UFO’s, mysticism, and new age positive thinking without God’s Word as Truth. He has rejected the Bible. I do believe he has a miniscule device in his neck because all 3 came back with a strange mark on the back of their necks. Everything I am sharing is true and just a few months ago my brother who experienced this incident, passed away. I suspect he was programmed to die early from a heart attack during that encounter in the forest. These are strange times and bizzare incidents appear to be commonplace experiences. Please add this area to your prayer. Thank you and may God Bless you exceedingly.

  5. Laura Hale

    All my life I have dealt with demons and demonic spirits , I have pictures with demons in them when the Lord called me to write my book ,through a Sirius of dreams and visions that finally I sought out help ,thinking I was losing my mind. I have been in ministry for years and I’m so happy as I put the ribbon on my book , Finding out about your web page was a Gid send, The first night I listened to your prayer, I woke up from straight up deliverance, it was incredible, Daniel May God continue to bless you brother, still wrapping my mind around Truth – I order your prayer book and will soon be enrolling in some of your classes. I could write forever, Thank you Blessings Daniel, Laura ps I was born with black hair and 1 grey hair ,which soon turned to Auburn lol Italian, I have had this incredible gift all my life ,Ok I’ll hush lol thanks brother.

  6. Thank you so much Dan, this is awesome supernatural effective, The fire of Holy Spirit around me was extra consuming specially from the parts/cern to the end. Now the sounds and frequencies in my head/ears is much much softer. This was the first time praying this, and will do it till I have sound peace and stillness . Thank you and may the Lord bless you so much more. Annah J . South Africa

  7. Tammy

    Is there a prayer specifically designed for humming in the head? I tried applying this prayer to the humming as well as the ringing; the ringing is gone but the hum is still present. The ringing was ever so slight, but the humming can be quite loud at times. It feels like it is between the tops of my ears, behind my eyes, pretty much right in the middle of the head. It is almost the same frequency as a semi-truck going by on the highway.

  8. Peggy Sue

    Daniel I am so thankful for this validation. There are so many similarities in the accounts of your guests and my husbands life. He was born by c-section at a university in 1964 to parents Joseph and Mary Magdalene.I know… weird. No his name isn’t Jesus. Extreme allergies even his own saliva. Much testing. High IQ and being pulled out of class. Missing time. Grandfathers name on NASA site for chip implant program. There is a ? In his neck that will set off a metal detector. False cities. Time travel and ringing in the ears. He did a documentary in 1999 on The beast that was is not and yet is. Diving deep into Masonic beliefs, symbolism and roots in Egypt. I bought Prayers that shake heaven and earth. I say morning and evening prayer every day and added the Heavenly gold prayer. My husband said the ringing started again and was becoming very strong when something entered the room and surrounded it and took it out. I am jumping up and down. I also thank you for confirming the weapons of our warfare. I need to share 2 things. In the gold prayer my husband asked me to add the Jheds which are receivers(Egyptian). Also Understanding that coordinates are important to the enemy, I wanted to share the The Name – Lord Jesus Christ in Greek adding up all the characters is 3168. The N latitude of Bethlehem is 31.68. Born at the number of his name. Thank you for all you you have done.

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