Energy Blocking Prayer by Ruthie Andrews


Dear Heavenly Father,

I bind and block all sources of energy attacking my person and my system, by the blood of Yashua.  I bind weaponized electromagnetic frequency, light, sound, heat and slow and fast wavelengths, and decree they are neutralized and ineffective over, through and around my person.  I set gold as a protective barrier or faraday cage around any and all, seen and unseen, known and unknown receivers (implants, electrodes, planted devices, foreign DNA) in my body.  I disallow any sent signals to reach their intended targets, including binding all signals from satellites.  I bind all algorithms being used to attack my person.  I place a keyhole blocker, from the inside, in every cell of my body, which disallows all weaponized energies to reach their intended destinations, by the power through the name of Jesus.

I quell anxious tension in my body.  I make no alignment with fear.  I call courage over my person and I decree alignment with the frequency of courage. I set gold as a protective barrier around my limbic system. I disallow fear or tension to fuel energy in the atmosphere meant for harm or evil purposes.  

I decree acceptance of my _________ (legs, hands, heart, brain, etc…) through the love and the sacrifice of Jesus. I accept the acceptance of Jesus over my __________ (affected body part), for I am fearfully and wonderfully made!    


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  1. Carol Selbiger

    Loved listening to Ruthie on the Dan Duval show. Learned a lot! Unfortunately the continual buffering of the podcast made it difficult. I am in central Florida and our internet isn’t back to normal after Irma. I do have to tell you that I recited the prayer and now my two cats are hissing at what seems to me as nothing all around my house. I might have to anoint them. Thank you!

    1. Bride Ministries

      So glad you enjoyed the interview, Carol. Sorry about the buffering issue, but glad the prayer has clearly been effective, lol! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Toni

    What an awesome prayer–thanks so much Ruthie (that was my moms name). Thanks Daniel for posting it!! I remember making some faraday blankets–that was really something.

  3. My name is Michelle Mayfield, I have a few health challenges as well as my children who have life threatening diseases I have begun to say this prayer in hopes that the Lord will answer my prayers for us God bless you Ruthie and Dan always and thank you for the prayer.

  4. Kendra

    James and I just started using this prayer this week! We are so thankful for this! Many blessings upon Ruthie, Dan, and all involved with BRIDE in Yeshua’s name!!

  5. Linda Blunt

    Just finished listening to your show and it is a real blessing for us to have the opportunity to hear you and Ruthie. God is certainly opening the doors of heaven to information that was never available before…thank you so much. God Bless your work.

  6. Ingrid Clark

    I was having extreme random pain attacks in my left upper arm-felt like knife stabbing, like my arm was in a metal device and being squeezed until I would cry and sometimes scream. God gave me a vision that I was molested by Masons in one of their rituals to one of their gods. Someone God showed me is a Mason at my church cupped my shoulder and since then been having agonizing pain. Had MRI which showed torn ligament which I believe was caused by that touch. I had two kinds of pain-demonic induced pain that did not respond to medication. Only prayer made it stop. Since Iโ€™ve found these prayers and prayed them, both this and the combo prayer and night prayer the demonic attacks have stopped. I still deal with pain due to torn rotator cuff that responds to medication and icing. SOOOO thankful for these prayers and this site with all the info. A confirmation of what I felt about pain. Thank you so much!!

  7. langlaiszoo

    Last year was a year of injuries, slipped and tore meniscus, left knee. Thumbs began feeling terrible nerve pain. First right eye hemorrhaged, then the left. Left foot with extensor tendinitis. Shoulder pain from torn rotator cuff. And I am believing for healing, and protection from further injuries, and continuing to pray without ceasing.

    1. umsie

      Wow thanks for the reminder! I listened to binaural beats in the past!
      Yes you will need to renounce watching and listening to those methods of relaxation/meditation.

  8. umsie

    Wow thanks for the reminder! I listened to binaural beats in the past!
    Yes you will need to renounce watching and listening to those methods of relaxation/meditation.

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