When put into practice, the true Kingdom mechanics of setting people free will allow Believers walking in authority to collapse the power structures of global puppeteers worldwide. At BRIDE Ministries, we regularly work with Illuminati defectors and survivors of high-level cults. This work helps us understand the spiritual innerworkings of power structures that have been leveraged and maintained by evil people throughout the history of the world. What Daniel Duval seeks to reveal in this program is how these powerful schemes can be brought to a halt: by administering freedom in Jesus Christ. Deliverance from spiritual bondage for key individuals within these power structures is guaranteed to create major voids within the kingdom of darkness.

Daniel Duval intends for this program to be one of the most brutal assaults yet on the powers of darkness. Our work here at BRIDE Ministries has equipped us with in-depth knowledge of genetics and bloodlines, which is foundational to the focus of today’s episode. We will take a deep dive into one of the most powerful prayers Daniel Duval has ever composed.

The reptilian prayer began when we reached a new level of setting people free from these bloodline and genetic bondages, by tracking how to codify freedom in Jesus Christ. This growing revelation has shown us how to get people set free from both non-human and Illuminati bloodlines and genetics. As people who are knowingly or unknowingly associated with these bloodlines begin to renounce them, these evil power structures will lose those people as sources from which to draw energy, resulting in what Daniel Duval envisions will become a global collapse of satanic agendas.

Listen closely as Daniel Duval explains bloodlines and their association with covenants. Throughout the Bible, we understand that covenants are established in blood, and from reading the details of The Last Supper, we know that the new covenant is established in the blood of Jesus. His blood is the only way that we gain access to the new covenant. If we look at a covenant as a binding agreement that connects people and kingdoms, then we can grasp the concept that through the blood of Jesus, we gain access to The Father and His entire kingdom. Daniel Duval uses this information to help paint a better picture of what the enemy can do with these principles.

At BRIDE Ministries, we have come to know that within the Illuminati, bloodline is of utmost importance. This is because it is within the blood that covenants, contracts, agreements and oaths are stored in order to anchor families to the powers of darkness that puppet them. These covenants in the blood are what Daniel Duval considers to be the backdoor of iniquity that not only holds these families captive, but allows evildoers to redirect transactions in the spirit world around them. The powers of darkness believe that these backdoor iniquities allow them a right to destroy and afflict the lives of people to whom they are connected through blood or genetics.

Many people have reached out to BRIDE Ministries feeling that no matter what they do, they can’t seem to attain freedom. Deliverance is not only possible, but it is God’s plan for you. Tune in as Daniel Duval shares valuable insights on the power of bloodline-level deliverance.

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