Inner Healing and Deliverance

We believe inner healing and deliverance can be an important part of living an empowered life through Jesus Christ.  There are several outstanding ministries who have resources that can be effective to set you free from the bondages of your past.  When you do not have the time or means for deliverance ministry, there are several self-ministry tools that you can use to guide you to a deeper walk with Jesus.  We believe healing and freedom is a right of every believer. 

Spiritual Warfare Center
Deliverance Ministries, Inc.
Kanaan Ministries

Spiritual Warfare Center was founded by Dr. Preston Bailey. It contains several resources on spiritual warfare, doorways to demons, and dissociative identity disorder. You can also find several prayers that you can pray yourself for self-guided deliverance. Dr. Bailey’s prayers include: Renunciation, cleansing the home, protection, manifestation, and victory. We encourage to view his website to find content that may be help you address the issues you are facing.

Dr. Bailey graduated from the largest seminary in the world- Southwestern Baptist Seminary with a Master of Divinity, Luther Rice Seminary with a Doctor of Ministry, and Biblical Life College and Seminary with a PhD. In Counseling. For many years, he was appointed by different governors as Chairman of the Task Force on Child Abuse and Chairman of the Juvenile Anti-crime Task Force and has assisted law enforcement agencies in occult crimes. He is the author of “SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Defeating the Forces of Darkness” and has written for the family magazine “HOMELIFE.”

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Deliverance Ministries, Inc. has created this unique Web-video-based “self ministry” tool to assist you in ministering deliverance to yourself. Deliverance Ministries, Inc. is a holistic ministry to the body of Christ training believers to do the supernatural works of Jesus. The ministry was founded by Everett Cox in 1984. Richard Peterson is the Executive Minister.

The self-ministry tools include prayers on closing doors, renunciation, confession, repentance, exorcisms in homes/buildings, breaking ungodly soul ties, and breaking the curse of poverty. They also have prayers for believers to get break free from evil organizations such as the Freemason. The Delmin toolkit can be used all at the same time or individually, as needed. Delmin resources have had a lot of success at aiding people through self-inner healing and deliverance through the power of Jesus Christ.
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Kanaan Ministries was founded by Roly and Amanda Buys with one desire: restoration … the restoration of the Bride of Messiah, as well as equipping the saints with the tools needed to walk in victory and blessing. This restoration takes place in all three areas of man: spirit, soul, and body. Kanaan Ministries have many resources which cover many different aspects of restoration. Roly and Amanda have dedicated their lives helping SRA/DID survivors and have developed a lot of materials, manuals, and classes to help SRA/DID survivors and deliverance ministers. Their manual “Step by Step DID” contains +250 pages on DID and deliverance.