Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth

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This book is written for Christians that are looking to empower their prayer lives. It is also written for ministers, prayer coaches, and deliverance workers. It contains a broad range of prayers that will bless the lives of both young and old and cater to a variety of needs. It also contains powerful prayers that have been tailored to achieve breakthrough in the context of deliverance and inner healing ministry. Books are shipped within 2 days of an order.

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Prayer is a central part of the Christian faith. Everyone agrees that we should pray. The problem is that many of us are not trained in effective prayer. Many believers are disgruntled with prayer. They pray and then feel as though nothing happens. They open their mouths and don’t know what to say. They ask for help and find that their friends are also confused. What can we do?

Are you among those asking, “What should I say?” “Is God listening to me?” “How should I pray for my children, pets, or sleep?” Are the prayers you are saying having a major impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones, or are they bearing less fruit than you would like? Maybe you have seen great fruit in your prayer life. Maybe you are simply looking to take your prayer life further. Maybe you minister to others regularly, and you are looking for keys that will unlock a more powerful ministry. Regardless of your situation, this book will bless you!

Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth is a collection of inspired prayers developed to get results. The prayers written into this volume have been used to achieve breakthrough in many lives. The language in these prayers is based on the written Word of God and the mechanics of the spirit realm. The subjects covered in this volume are broad. This book includes prayers for the morning, the evening, the home, children, and pets. It includes powerful healing and deliverance prayers for use within a ministry context, and so much more. It is an extraordinary tool to empower your walk with God. If you are longing to see tremendous fruit from your prayer life, look no further.

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8 reviews for Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth

  1. Karon C. (verified owner)

    My husband and I anticipated to purchase this book for several months. We received our tracking notice that the book would be delivered on Feb. 28, 2018 no later than 8 pm. The book was not delivered!!! USPS made a change and decided to hold our books at the post office. My husband spent at least an hour on the phone to find out why it was not delivered. He was so upset that he stayed up all through out the night until this morning, (Thurs. May, 1, 2018).

    I had to leave work to go to the post office shortly after it opened this morning at 8 am to resolve this conflict of delay. I was told that the books were not received at the main branch yesterday, Feb. 28th and was received this morning on May 1st. The mail carrier for my route was about to load it on his truck to deliver it to us today. The front desk clerk took the books from the carried to give to me.

    I drove home to give my husband his copy of the Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth Book at approximately 9:42 am. He was filled with much joy and he fervently prayed the Morning Prayer. It took a while for him to complete the prayer as he added and customized the prayer for us and our household. When he finished the prayer, the atmosphere of heaven filled our home and it transcended beyond the walls of our home to cover the yard space outside of our home. I could feel and I had a glimpse a large circle of linking angels around the property. A timeless portal was opened over our property that linked to the 3rd heaven.

    As the peace of Father God radiated from my husband’s being, he said to me…. now I will go to sleep!

    The prayers in this book will surely bring immediate heavenly results into your life.

    Get the book today.


  2. Karon (verified owner)

    My husband and I had eager expectations to purchase the prayer book for many months. We finally received our notice from the United States Postal Service that it would be delivered to us on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 by 8 pm. We did not receive the order of two books. My husband tried for an hour to contact and speak with someone who worked for the United State Postal Service to no avail. He did not go to bed that night and stayed up until the next morning, Thursday, March 1, 2018.

    I took some time off from work to go the main Post Office in our city to inquire about the delivery. I was told that the postman did not receive my order on Wednesday, February 28th but received my order on Thursday morning March 1st and was about to load it on his truck to deliver it to us. The carrier gave the books to the front desk clerk to give to me.

    I drove home to give my husband his copy of the Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth book at approximately 10:00 am and he had an expression of great joy on his face! He opened the book and prayed the morning prayer. It took him a while to pray it because he customized the prayer to fit our needs. However, he prayed everything word of the Morning prayer.

    When he completed praying the morning prayer the atmosphere of the kingdom of God filled our home and it transcended beyond the walls of our house to cover the ground outside of the home. I saw a quick glimpse of a large host of linking angles that surrounded our property.

    The peace of Father God came from my husband’s being, and he was at peace. Then my husband said that he was going to sleep! The atmosphere was so quiet and peaceful that you could hear a pin drop!

    I would encourage you to get the book today. The prayers in that book will help you.


    • Bride Movement

      Hi Karon,
      I am so sorry to here that you had such a tough time getting Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth in your hands, but we applaud you for your perseverance. We are thrilled that it has been a blessing to you and your family.

  3. Misty (verified owner)

    I pre-ordered this book and eagerly awaited its arrival. I have used it every day since receiving it. It is also encouraged me how to craft my own powerful prayers. I am back on the site today ordering a copies for friends. I am certain I will do this many times again. It is a blessing to share with others!

  4. Linda Asher (verified owner)

    This book is becoming most precious to me. I have decided I need a 2nd copy to keep in my car,
    so I am ‘armed’ in any emergency. This book is a great gift to the Body of Christ, from a man with
    a great gifting and a great calling…..Daniel Duval.

  5. Susan Carmello (verified owner)

    it is a great book and i am using every day since the day i got it!!!!

  6. Precious (verified owner)

    This is a MUST Have for EVERY Christian of the Lord Jesus Christ! I’ve gotten the book myself, greatly anticipating it from the moment I heard this was coming out and pre-ordered this. It Was WORTH EVERY PENNY!

    There is No way in words to explain the Blessings, Peace and Victory I have already experienced from this book! I have been praying some of these prayers over myself in WHOLE parts to Experience and See Miraculous Power and Authority given to me! I’ve seen my Prayer and Love for Jehovah God skyrocket into Tremendous Exhalation more and more for him.

    Thank you Daniel for your Incredible Courage, Power and Strength to Do what you do! Daniel Duval is a Blessing to so many people, not just through this Book but through Bride Ministries itself!

    If this book hasn’t already gotten in your hands, invest the Money you would for ONE OR TWO CUPS OF COFFEE OR A NICE SHIRT and INVEST In Your Walk with the True Lord Jesus Christ! You Will NOT Regret it! Be Ready to Slay and Conquer those Strongholds in your life.

  7. J S (verified owner)

    I have already given out my two initial copies, purchased in July, and am ordering more. My friend was totally set free of demonic activity that had plagued her for years during the night, sometimes in dreams other times in this reality. The first night she prayed the prayer she slept beautifully and texted me the following morning to say how amazing the prayer was for her freedom. The enemy tried again durning the night recently, in a dream, to harass and attack her. She began reciting the prayer from memory and the enemy had to retreat word by word until his minions were completely vanquished and the darkness had turned to brilliant light! She texted the following morning, again to celebrate the Victory through Jesus our Savior and the Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth

  8. Susan Mitchell (verified owner)

    This book is such a rich and magnificent download from the Lord. I am grateful that Dan worked so hard to make it easy to use and deployable for a variety of situations. I keep it handy as I minister to myself and others. It’s wonderful for prevention and restoring shalom to places shaken by the evil one. I love how much scripture is woven into every prayer. After a year in my possession, I’m still exploring its wealth! Thank you, Dan!

    • Bride Movement (verified owner)

      Thank you for such a great review Susan! We’re so glad that you are enjoying the book! 🙂

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